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We have a $50 fee for a single color to prepare a sample screen printed shirt.  If it is a multiple color there will be a $30 per color fee. These fees will be credited toward your total bill when you place your order.

When the order is placed there is never a setup or screen fee. You will receive credit for the sample fee minus the price of the sample shirt.


Screen Printed Sample Shirt

We never charge an art fee unless you want to own your art work. If you wish to purchase the digitized artwork with you there will be a charge based on the job.

We can generally digitize most jobs but if you need specialized art work that we cant create we offer the services of an extreme artist.

Embroidery Test Stitch

Let us digitize your logo or art work. We have the state of the art software that allows us to digitize your company logo or personnel artwork. We can digitize for embroidery, vinyl, printing, or anything you need to print on. Let us give you a quote.


We have a thousands of standard transfers to choose from. If you have a special occasion or don't want to pre-make t-shirts then we can make heat apply able transfers that we or you can then apply as needed.

Custom & Pre-Made Transfers

Let us burn you screens for you. If you are a screen printer but don't want to produce your screens, we can do that for you. Send us you prepared artwork or we can prepare it for you. Let us give you a quote.

Screen production