Employee List

And Almost Anything Else

Employee List

We are I highly siloed company as you will soon see below. Some of the descriptions are in fun some are true. See if you can figure out what is true and what isn't...Just know we are here to serve you the best we can. If we have a little fun doing, well I guess we can live with that. LOL

Sharon Jones

I am the accounts receivable, accounts payable, shipping, receiving, inventory control, quality control, company owner and complaint department. Oh and I forgot, I am also the sales department. In my spare time I am also the chief cook and bottle washer around here. I will be happy to book your orders and see that they get completed correctly. Call me with any questions or concerns you might have.

E-mail: sharonj57@windstream.net

Dave Jones

Dave had to resign from the company early last year due to medical issues. We miss him but are forging ahead.

James “JW” Jones

I got us into a lot of this stuff but don't ask me how you do it. I am the vinyl man, the manufacturing department, the complaint department (because I complain a lot), grounds maintenance, banner maker, sign department, and some times sales person. If you are a car club or RC person call me for your order.

Chris Jones

I am the hard working son. “NOT” I don't do shirts… I don't do art work, I don't do all that other stuff. I have been know to sleep a lot. I am like Mikey on that chopper show. Oh that’s right Mikey isn't on that show any more so I guess I am not here any more….. But I got my drivers license now!!!


I am in charge of UPS delivery's. I chase the guy in the brown suit and he leaves me stuff. He seems to like it and I consider it one of the many responsibilities I have here at the shirt factory. By the way, what are shirts?

E-mail: davej42@windstream.net

E-mail: jwaj@windstream.net

E-mail: chrisj@windstream.net

E-mail: what@hu?.com


My job is to get in the way. Need I say more… I also like to jump into unsuspecting customers laps during sales presentations. And as I own this place there is nothing these humans can do about it. I cant put anything on a shirt. But the humans can so call me at@@@

E-mail: demo@wontmove.net

Scott Smith

Sales Representative. He is new so yall don't hurt him.

E-mail: anythingonashirt@windstream.net

We are looking for a part time intern.

We are looking for someone who wants to learn this business. If you are interested please contacted us by email or phone.


Commission Sales Person WANTED

We are looking for a part time commission sales person. If you are interested please contacted us by email or phone.


Here are some pictures of our shop

Sand etching machine

New frame stretcher

New 600 sqft addition and 6 color Hopkins press

SWF 2 head Embroidery machine

Wash Bay

New 8 color Riley Hopkins press

Embroidery wall